Meet Your District Committee . . .

Key Three:

  • Chairperson: Thomas Smith
  • Commisioner:   Al Abrahamson
  • Executive:      Clark R. Garthwait

Finance Chairperson:

  • Family Friends of Scouting:   Rosemary Whitinger
  • Community Friends of Scouting:

                    Sparta:   Michael Bonello


                   Black River Falls:



  • Special Event:  Mark Siple
  • Popcorn:     Rosemary Whitinger

Membership Chairperson:

  •  Fall Roundup Chair:
  •  Tiger Cub Chair:
  •  Weblos X-over Chair:

Program Chairperson;

  • Advancement Chair: Kathy Kucher
  • Training Chair:   Jimmy Abrahamson
  • Camp Promo Chair:
  • Cub Activities Chair;   Jeff & Abby Duebler
  • Scout Activities Chair:

Web Developer:  Jim Abrahamson

OA Representatives:  Ken Whitinger