Roundtable Resources

October 2016

April 2016.

Session: Planning your scouting year

March 2016.

Session 2: Great Summer Activities – Summertime Pack Award

Session 3: Service Projects handout

Session 4: ScoutBook Training


February 2016.

Feb RT Recap

Building a Scouting Website:

Planning Awesome Outdoor Activities:

  • When You Start Planning a Camping event:
    • contact your District Executive or Commissioner to make sure your trip and activities are BSA approved (so your unit is covered by BSA insurance), and complete your Tour Plan (available on
    • Work with scouts and adult leaders to plan your event after your trip is approved.


January 2016.


December 2015.


November 2015.

  • popcorn pickup day so this mini Roundtable provided training for Merit Badge Councilors and Charter Reps


October 2015.