Den & Pack Meeting Resources

Are you looking for materials to help plan cub scout den & pack meetings? Take a look at these ideas below. If you have things to add, please let us know!

1st stop as a new leader: Youth Protection Training (required of all leaders)

2nd stop: Position-Specific Training (this training will answer many questions)

Next stops:

  • Cub Scout Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide (purchase this guide through the Gateway Area Council office or online) found on
  • – visit the BSA’s official site for countless resources for your pack or den.
  • Pinterest – Have you ever tried searching Pinterest for Cub Scouts, or for scouting events and activities? Pinterest is a great resource from many leaders like us, looking for ideas, and sharing what we do well. Consider posting your successful scouting ideas on Pinterest!
  • Online resources specific to Cub Scouts –
  • has lots of great resources for packs and dens.
  • is where you will document all of your scout’s achievements (online entry is now required)
  • Journey to Excellence – help your pack be awesome by using the Journey to Excellence program with your pack planning. Plus – the more packs who earn these awards, the better our council can get funding for our programs!
  • Service Hours Reporting Website – Did you know that leaders should report all service hours done by scouts? Why? Because scouting is funded partially through grant money, which is partially justifiable by the number of service hours that scouts provide to our community. Help sustain scouting by reporting your pack’s service hours!
  • Facebook – really?? Yes!! There are currently 3 large “idea” groups on Facebook called “Cub Scouts”, Cub Scouts Ideas” and “Cub Scouting”. Do a search on your Facebook page for Cub Scouts, then like the groups you want, and your Facebook page will automatically feed ideas and posts related to cub scouting! Plus, you can create a group for your pack, and then communicate with your pack via Facebook.
  • Summertime Pack Award – did you know that your pack can earn an award by staying active in the summer? What better way to motivate your scouts than through more awards! Download the form.  Read more about the requirements.