The Cost of Scouting

The community, including parents, support Scouting through the United Way, Friends of Scouting enrollment, product sale (popcorn) bequests, and special contributions to the council. This financial support provides leadership training, outdoor programs, council service centers and other facilities, and professional service for units.

Registration Fees

All members, leaders, and Scouting units (packs, troops, teams, and ships) pay an annual registration fee. The renewal process is called “rechartering.” Joining fees are prorated to match the recharter month for each program. Annual Scouting unit Registration fees at rechartering time are:

  • $24.00 for each adult and youth
  • $2.00 for participant insurance (youth and adult)
  • $12.00 per Boys’ Life subscription
  • $40.00 per unit for the Chartering Organization

Activity Costs

Council activities and events will generally have a specific cost based on program supply need, facility rental, council overhead, food, etc. These fees are either picked up by the parent, scouting unit, or often times may be covered through fund raising efforts. The Gateway Area Council strives to provide top level, cost effective programming for our members. Through the Gateway Area Council Campership Program we ensure that no scout will be turned away from a scouting event because of financial reasons.

Uniform Costs

The level of required uniforming is very specific to each scouting unit. While some units may require a full uniform, other may require only the shirt and the belt. See your individual unit leader for details on the uniform policy in your pack, troop, or crew. You can also visit the Scout Shop portion of our webpage for specific uniform pricing.