Monthly Roundtable Workshops

What are Roundtables?

Roundtables are a series of meetings presented by the Gateway Area Council (BSA) staff and volunteers designed to provide learning opportunities and training so that adult volunteers in all levels of scouting can do that best job they are able to, with as many resources as we can provide! Most Roundtables will cover material based on participants’ interest. Leaders can learn a new skill or get advice on how to solve a problem. Participation at Roundtable is required for some square knot awards.

Who should attend?

Roundtables are open to any leader or parent in a scouting pack, troop or crew. We encourage our scouting volunteers to attend as often as they are able, and provide monthly awards for the highest attendance from any scouting unit. The strongest units (packs, troops and crews) have trained leaders, and that training is offered through these meetings (and other options).

What will you learn?

Roundtables have four primary purposes:

  • To provide resources and ideas for scout leaders and volunteers so that you can do the best job you can
  • To provide a means for training as required by the BSA
  • To discuss scouting/BSA issues and concerns
  • To foster relationship building within the scouting community and to foster collaboration and support within our own community of leaders

See the district pages for scheduling and location of your district’s Roundtable: