Good Turn Hours





Thank you to all the units across the council that have entered your Good Turn Hours into the system.  When it comes time to fill out applications for grants and projects this will be useful in showing how we serve our communities.  Just imagine what we could do as a council if every hour entered into the Good Turn Hours Website was converted to just $1.00 per hour of service. Below are some useful Tips:

Who reports services hours for the Unit?  Any adult or Eagle Scout can log in with the Unit’s ID number provided by the council and create their own User ID.  This means that each unit can have multiple users and entering in hours.  If every member of a unit had their own user name and password then they could enter in their service hours and it could be verified through your District Executive for rank advancement.

What qualifies as a Good Turn Service Hour?  After logging into the website you have list of options and examples of programs that have already been classified for you as potential projects.  Some of the categories are Healthy Living, Shelter, Food, BSA Adopt-a-School, US Military Families or Messengers of Peace.  If none of areas are covered by your project then look to Other Services.

Do Eagle Scout Projects count as Good Turn Service Hours?  Yes they most certainly do.  An Eagle Project is a great example of how Scouting is impacting our communities.

Does it have to be a Scout Function to enter hours?  Scouting is not just a club or organization, it is more then that.  It is a way of life that we learn life long skills of community service and leadership and those we live by everyday through out our lives. It does not have to be a Scout function to qualify for Good Turn Hours.  It would be up to the unit committee to determine what would qualify for rank advancement.

If an adult volunteer does some community service can that be entered on to the website?  YES, as long as they are a registered scouting volunteer they can enter any hours that are spent on community service.  Many leaders are involved in other organizations outside of Scouting that are community service minded.

Important Tools:

Good Turn WorksheetThis is a worksheet that you can use to keep track of your good turn hours and then enter them in at one time or give to your Good burn Coordinator to enter the service hours.  You can also give this from to your Scouts to keep track of their Good Turn Hours.

Good Turn Instructions:  Are you unsure of how to enter your units Good Turn Hours.  It is simple.  Click on the label above and you will have the instructions to enter your units Good Turn Hours.    

Good Turn Hours Tracking:  This is a spreadsheet that you can use similar to a log book to keep track of multiple community service projects and record when you have entered them into the system.