Pause for a Cause. (Scouting Mag Nov/Dec 2013)

Safety PAUSE

  • P – PAUSE before you start
  • A – ASSESS possible hazards
  • U – UNDERSTAND how to proceed safely
  • S – SHARE your plan with others
  • E – EXECUTE the activity safely

PAUSE one more time for Safety.

Check out this BSA post on Dangerous Games. Summer isn’t a time to let our guard down, just because everyone else is doing it.

It links to an American Camp Association article. Along with those listed in the article, the Guide to Safe Scouting also includes a listing of Unauthorized and Restricted Activities, including this: “Water chugging and related activities are not authorized for any program level.”


Newer BSA Tour Plan.

Under the charter agreement, it is the responsibility of the unit and charter reps to assure all plan requirements are met. For any prerequisites that have not been met (for example, not having someone on a trip who has Hazardous Weather training where this training is required), and before being allowed to submit the form, the person completing the form will have to certify that all prerequisites will be met prior to conducting the trip or activity. Once submitted, an email notification will be sent to your council, chartered organization, committee chair, unit leader, and emergency contact to let them know that a plan has been submitted. Receivers of this notification can log in to MyScouting and review the plan.

A training video has been developed that guides you through the application process and can also be shared with your unit volunteers.

A PDF version can be found on the tour and activity plan FAQ page to complete off-line, but your unit leaders will bear the responsibility of fulfilling the requirements and obtaining the proper signatures.  Your Council will no longer approve the submitted tour plans.  If you decide to use a paper version, please submit a copy to your Council office for their files.


1) CALL 9-1-1, or your local emergency contact number. 


   During weekday office hours

   Call (608)-784-4040 – La Crosse Scout Office 

     At other times: 

A) (608) 738-2000 – Risk Management  

B) (608) 526-6418 – Camp Decorah Ranger 


Scouting Safely, from BSA


BSA Policy on Storage, Handling, and Use of Chemical Fuels and Equipment.

Follow the rules of S.A.F.E.T.Y.

  • S – Stay safe
  • A – Always have a buddy
  • F – Follow the rules
  • E – Everyone works together
  • T – Tank up; drink plenty of water
  • Y – YOU make the difference

Safety – it’s not just a merit badge.
Safety – It’s behind you all the way.
Safety for life; live to be safe.
Safety – YOU make the difference. 

Is your unit’s equipment trailer secured against theft?  (1) Lock out the ball, but think about using a wheel lock, too (think “parking boot”).  (2) park it with the doors against a building or pole to make it really hard to access the interior without moving it (see point #1). 

Make sure the unit’s event leaders have parental permission slips and a parent-signed medical form at all events beyond your meeting place where the Scout’s parents are not present.  Getting proper medical attention without a written parental permission is unbelievably hard, and not something a Scout Leader should attempt. 

As a Merit Badge Counselor, do I need 2 adults with a Scout? Yes, although the second adult might be their parent.