Fall Popcorn Sale 2018

Popcorn Fall 2018


Helpful Popcorn Materials

An asterisk(**) following a document below indicates its requirement for bonus commission.

Popcorn Leaders Guide
The Leaders Guide contains all information necessary to a unit leader or parent that is helping a Scout sell popcorn.

Goal-Setting Worksheet**
This form is for units to formalize their popcorn-selling goal for the year. This completed document is required to be turned in by the District Popcorn Kick-offs (at Dist. Roundtables).

Unit Financial Planner
This excel spreadsheet will help units to determine their popcorn selling needs for the year. If used correctly, the resulting amount should be adequate to pay for all unit-planned events for the Scouting year.

Show-N-Sell Order Helper
Use this in conjunction with your sales goal to detirmine the amount of popcorn you want to order for SHOW-N-DELIVER and SHOW-N-SELL sales.

Unit Kick-Off Agenda
The Unit Kick-Off Agenda is the road map to success for a Unit Kick-Off meeting. Each Unit Leader or Popcorn Chair should customize this document before printing and handing-out at the Unit Popcorn Kick-Off.

Unit Kick-Off Slideshow
For use at the Unit Popcorn Kick-Off, this slideshow will add visual elements as stated in the Unit Kick-Off Agenda.

Door-to-Door Map
Completely fill a Door-to-Door Map to enter into a drawing for a family trip to the Wisconsin Dells!

Sales Flyers
PDF versions of the sales flyer. May be handy if sending to far-away relatives or friends.

Prize Flyers
A PDF version of the BSA National Supply Prize Program brochure. This may be easier for each unit to distribute if the original copies were misplaced by families or an extra copy is needed. Page 1 & Page 2

Unit Popcorn Workbook**
The Unit Popcorn Workbook is completed by the Unit Leader or Popcorn Chair at the end of the sale. This workbook will sort out top sellers, create a list of needed popcorn (to place an order at PRPOPCORN.COM, and serve as the required paperwork to turn in for bonus commissions.

Prize Ordering
FAQ Sheet on ordering prizes, now using BSA National Supply prize program.


Helpful Links

PRPOPCORN.COM is the place to complete Unit Commitments, place orders (both Show-N-Deliver & Final Take Orders), and to see past unit sales data. You can also print receipts, door-hangers, kick-off tasting cards, and nutritional information.

A google maps page of the SHOW-N-DELIVER popcorn delivery location as well as the SEVEN RIVERS DISTRICT distribution center.

A google maps page of the SOARING EAGLE DISTRICT delivery location (take order only).

A google maps page of the WINDING TRAILS DISTRICT delivery location (take order only).