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Wood Badge for the 21st Century is available for delivery to all scout leaders. It has been developed for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Scout and Venturing leaders as well as Council and District leaders. Its focus is on leadership not on out-of-door skills. See WoodBadge.org.

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History of Wood Badge

Baden-Powell took the first steps in the training of Scouters by organizing a series of lectures for Scouters in 1911. He made great strides by devising and instituting Wood Badge Training in 1919. Wood Badge recipients now number more than 100,000 throughout the world.

The object of the Wood Badge course is to demonstrate, as practically as possible, the aims and methods of Scouting. Upon successful completion of the course the participant receives a parchment certificate and the Wood Badge – two wooden beads worn on a leather thong around the neck. These beads replicate the beads found by Baden-Powell during a campaign in Africa in 1888. They belonged to Dinizulu, an African chieftain. In searching for a suitable recognition for those who completed the first course in 1919, Baden-Powell remembered the beads and decided to present a bead to each participant. At that time, the course was called Wood Badge.

The Wood Badge may be worn only with the official field uniform of the B.S.A.. The Scouter to whom it has been awarded may also wear the tan neckerchief with its patch of McLaren tartan at the back. The Wood Badge neckerchief may only be worn with the accompanying leather neckerchief slide or woggle.

Purpose – Why a New Wood Badge?

B.S.A. Wood Badge course is the most advanced training course offered by B.S.A. for its leaders. Its purpose may be summed up as follows:
To provide a common leadership foundation to all Scouters in the Scouting program.
To incorporate current leadership practices.
To dramatically increase the number of adult leaders receiving advanced training.


The B.S.A. Wood Badge course may be conducted using either a week long (6 day) or a two weekend (3 days each) format. Wood Badge training consists of two parts – a practical phase and an application phase. The practical phase is conducted as a troop in a camping setting. Here leadership skills can be learned and practiced as part of life in a troop. The application phase happens at the conclusion of the practical phase for a period of not more than 18 months. During both phases of the B.S.A. Wood Badge course five central themes are focused on and developed:
Living the Values * Bringing the Vision to Life * Models for Success * Tools of the Trade * Leading to Make a Difference


Each Scouter invited to participate in the B.S.A. Wood Badge Course must have completed Fast Start training for their area in Scouting, as well as one of the following: Cub Scout Leader Basic Training, Scout Leader Basic Training or Venture Leader Basic Training. They also must be active in their unit or district as appropriate in a leadership position directly related to their area of Scouting. Because of the advanced nature of this course these requirements cannot be waived.

Scouters attend the B.S.A. Wood Badge course by invitation of the Council President on the recommendation of the District Training Chairperson, District Commissioner, District Executive and approval of the Council Executive.

Course Delivery:

The practical phase of the B.S.A. Wood Badge course reflects unit meetings and also uses a unit camping activity as its delivery model. During the course the model Boy Scout Troop will serve as the foundation for training purposes. It should be noted that although this foundation is utilized, the course content and leadership principles introduced apply to Scouters in all leadership positions and will provide a common foundation of leadership skills to be used throughout all program areas.


The primary purpose of the Wood Badge experience is to strengthen Scouting in our units, districts and local council. Part of the practical training is the development of a “ticket”. The Wood Badge “ticket” represents the participant’s commitment to complete a set of personal goals relating to that individual’s scouting position. These goals will significantly strengthen the program in which the participant is involved. In addition the “ticket” gives the participants an opportunity to practice and demonstrate a working knowledge of the leadership skills presented during the course. Participants must complete their “ticket” no later than 18 months after completion of the practical phase of the course.


Upon completion of the Wood Badge ticket, as certified by a ticket counselor and the Scout Executive, the participant will be presented with the Wood Badge Certificate, neckerchief, woggle and beads at an appropriate public ceremony. This recognition not only identifies a Scouter who has completed this advanced training, but also reminds the recipient on an ongoing commitment of continued service to Scouting.


Since 1948 the Wood Badge Course has served as a source of training and inspiration to thousands of scout leaders. These Scouters have touched the lives of millions of youth in a quality Scouting program through training, character development and fitness. As we enter the 21st century, this new Wood Badge course continues in this vein. With your effort, success continues.

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Wood Badge Dinner

This evening is reserved for learning more about Wood Badge for those interested in attending the course, and reminiscing with those Scouters that have already earned their beads. It should be a special night. Please plan to come. Bring your spouse, bring a friend, all are welcome.

The  2018 Wood Badge Dinner will be held at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints located at 701 Well St. Onalaska, WI 54650 starting at 5:00 pm on Saturday February 17, 2018.  The dinner is for all Wood Badge and future Wood Badgers.  This is a night of fellowship and fun.   We will have games and silent auction with the proceeds going to the Gateway Area Council Wood Badge Scholarship fund for the next course in the Fall of 2019.  Plan to attend and bring a fellow Scouters that would be interested in learning more about Wood Badge.

Happy Birthday Wood Badge!!!!!

2018 marks 70 years that Wood Badge has been taught in the United States and to celebrate all Wood Badgers can earn a special patch and celebrate this milestone for Wood Badge.   More information will be available at the Wood Badge Dinner on February 17.  If you are unable to attend or would like more information you can click on the link below.

Click on link for more information:  70th Anniversary Award