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NSTFlapGoldenTicket2016NEW PATCH is IN – This special edition patch will get you in to all Lodge-sponsored events in 2016 for one price… $80. All Banquet, Wing Ding, Ordeal weekends, Rendezvous, and Section Conclave, and you get a limited edition patch for others to recognize your commitment to NST.

4/28: August Smoke Signal newsletter is online, download it (1.3Meg) and use the password in the email.Scoutmasters…
Tell us about your OA Troop/Team Rep Contact Update, so we can start sending them the new “Spark” monthly update. We’ll even provide them with a Troop Rep position patch, free.OA Troop/Team Rep Contact Update offline form – Elections need to be completed prior to the Spring District Camporees, as that’s when we’ll call the new candidates out.

Facebook – search for “NST381” or “Section C1B” and join/follow us.



High School/College Arrowmen… Consider participating in the OA High Adventures:OA Canadian Odyssey, Philmont Trail Crew, and Northern Tier Wilderness Voyage, or Sea Base Ocean Adventure.  A week of service, plus a week of exploring the high adventure base way beyond the limits normally placed on typical unit treks, for a price that can’t be beat and peers that include the national, regional and section leadership.



OperationArrow2017_400x400Jamboree 2017 Staff Update

OA is looking for youth to serve on staff of the 2017 National Scout Jamboree. OA Service Corp, OA Trek Guides and OA Indian Village still have slots available.

Click here for the Jamboree Staff Registration on the Summit BSA web site.


National Leadership Seminar – This regionally-offered weekend Leadership course is a bit like National Youth Leader Training, but a lot more fun. Arrowmen cannot repeat this course. Ni-Sanak-Tani will pick up a portion of the cost of the course for active Arrowmen. Click the link above to learn more about Central Region’s NLS. Offered near us in February, April and November.

National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar This regionally-offered weekend adult advising course is essential to associate lodge advisers and chapter advisers. Learn how to support your youth officers, and they’ll need a ride to NLS, anyway. Click the link above to learn more about Central Region’s NLATS. Offered in February and November.


Where to Go… Activities Guide

Over 100 pages of places to go in the Gateway Area Council region, including southern Wisconsin, SE Minnesota and northern Illinois. Compiled by Ni-Sanak-Tani, Lodge #381, Order of the Arrow.


Camp Decorah Summer Camp OA Experience Camp Decorah Holmen, WI.
Details of the summer camp OA activities will be in the May/June Smoke Signal, including the Monday evening OA social, and Wednesday OA Day, plus the Brotherhood Ceremony (Wednesday) for qualified NST Ordeal members, or for all Brotherhood members to watch. Friday OA Recognitions will again showcase our recent Ordeal and Brotherhood members.
NOTE1: OA Elections will not be held during Camp weeks, per National OA Policy 5-05, without specific advance approval of the Lodge Chief, Lodge Adviser, and Lodge Staff Adviser and/or the Supreme Chief of the Fire.
NOTE2: Camp OA Recognition/Callout will be available to out-of-council troops only with prior submission of their home lodge’s approval, including a copy of the certified election results.

Ordeal Experience – Camp Decorah Holmen, WI. The weekend Ordeals are planned to end around 11am on Sunday; You won’t get all your materials if you leave early, unless scheduled in advance.

  • Weekend: June 10-12 (Check-in, Friday 8:30-9pm Training Center; ends Sunday 11am)
  • Weekend: August 5-7 (Check-in, Friday 8:30-9pm Training Center; ends Sunday 11am)


Click here for the generic Event Registration Form.


Lodge Elections – August 26, 8pm-10pm, during our Rendezvous. Camp Decorah Holmen, WI. FREE FOOD, starting at 8pm, followed by a brief annual meeting and elections for the 5 elected lodge positions. (Lodge Chief ##, Vice Chief Program, Vice Chief Administration, Vice Chief Inductions, Vice Chief Finance.) ## Anyone wanting to run for Lodge Chief needs to submit a letter to the Supreme Chief of the Fire by August 15th explaining why they’re running, and some of their plans for the lodge, if elected.

Chapter elections (Chapter Chief, Chapter VC Program, Chapter VC Inductions, Chapter Secretary) will be held at the September District Roundtable sites (9/12).

Brotherhood Opportunities Camp Decorah Holmen, WI. After 10 months, seal your membership

  • Saturday, February 2nd, 2014 (Brotherhood University during Wing Ding)
  • Saturday, June 7th (Brotherhood University during Nipachton Ordeal)
  • Wednesdays during summer camp
  • Saturday, August 2nd (Brotherhood University during Wuliechenummen Ordeal)
  • Saturday, August 24th (Brotherhood University during Rendezvous)

6/04: Would you like to earn a SPECIAL NST Lodge Flap?  The above NST Ghost Flap Patches feature glow-in-the-dark accent thread (simulated green, yellow, and red above) for the appropriate specialty.  To encourage Arrowmen to serve on these essential tasks with pride, we have established rules on how to earn the right to purchase these patches after a certain volume of commitment to that task – Come to the next LEC, or ask an LEC member for details.

  Extended Elangomat (green): The Elangomat is the most honored volunteer position in the lodge... This Arrowman chooses (yes, chooses) to repeat their Ordeal experience as a way to be an example to the Candidates that may not yet understand what they’re going through. By seeing an existing Arrowman in their midst, the Candidates will feel more at ease. The Extended Elangomat continues to stay in touch with the new Ordeal members of their clan until those members seal their membership at the Brotherhood ceremony. Elangomat orientation is held at 7 pm on the Friday of each Ordeal start (standard pre-registration rules).
Dance Team (red): No matter your skill level, there’s a style of Native American dance that will fit you. (non-BSA Native American dance info site.) Dance Team members can perform at the Summer Camp  closing campfires, and at many lodge events… not to mention competitions at Section and National events. What, you’ve not seen any Dance Team members? Yup, we need more of you!
Ceremonies Team (yellow): Have you ever been an actor in a school or church play, or been a Master of Ceremonies for a Court of Honor? These Arrowmen practice, memorize, and perform Cub Crossovers, the Camporee and Camp Call Outs, and the Pre-Ordeal/Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil Honor ceremonies. {You must have attained at least that membership level to serve on its Ceremony team.} The more the merrier – or, the more Arrowmen involved, the easier, as you can specialize in one principal at one level. We’d like to have 3 Ordeal teams, and one each for Brotherhood and Vigil Honor… that’d be 20 Arrowmen, so there’s room for you.


One Day of Service– We don’t just serve Scouting; we also help in the community. Meet at Camp Decorah‘s main parking lot, 1pm, for our community service project: Highway trash cleanup. Have you seen our marked stretch of highway, between US-53 and Trempealeau, WI? After a winter of no pickups, we need to do some cleaning before the mowers come through. Bring your work gloves, a water bottle, and durable shoes. Some low-lying parts are still soggy, so high-top boots are encouraged. Sneakers are “bad”. Parents and non-Arrowmen can also help out, but non-OA youth need to have a parent present.


OA Training at University of Scouting
November 5th, 2016, St Pats Church school, Onalaska, WI (127 11th Ave N). Come learn more about the OA, regalia, ceremonies, or just for the fellowship. See the flyer for more details. Registration covers lunch and some supplies.