Benefits of Disinfection and Sanitation

We often hear disinfection together with the word sanitation and sometimes we even interchanged the two however on thing is sure, we know that both processes are beneficial to us and to the properties we own. 

So, before we get into what’s in it for us when we go for disinfection or sanitation for the properties we own, we should know how to differentiate between the two.  

So, what is the difference when it comes to disinfection and sanitation?  

According to professionals who are experts on the field of sanitation and disinfection, sanitizers are designed to get rid of bacteria for a matter of seconds on the other hand, disinfection takes longer and can take up to 10 minutes. We should be aware though that sanitizers are what we often use when there is exposure to something we consume like food while disinfectants have an ability to kill bacteria or germs that can harm our health as an individual and is mostly known as chemicals that are stronger compared to sanitizers. 

After knowing the slight difference between the two and how the goal between both disinfection and sanitation are the same but varies in their specific function, what are the benefits if we decide to apply disinfection when cleaning our properties?  

You can always clean your home through daily use of vacuum or cleaning your sink with a cleaning agent however there are actually germs that survive your cleaning process even if you do it religiously everyday. Through the use of disinfectants, you can successfully get rid of the remnants or the germs and bacteria that survived your cleaning process. 

Know that you always have the liberty to sanitize the tables or cooking tools and areas in your kitchen however handling your toilet, toys of your kids and even the knob of your doors you often hold from day to day, disinfection must be incorporated.  

So, what are the possible benefits that you can harbor through the sanitation and disinfection process? 

1. Prevent any infection 

Through disinfection, you can eliminate fungi, viruses, mold and even microbes. These contaminants mentioned can aid in getting any of your family members from sickness and through disinfection you can help them protect their health.  

2. Lower stress levels 

According to research, a clean environment reduces the level of stress or anxiety of a person as well as the process of cleaning. When it comes to an environment that has no clutter and no foul odor, for sure, peace of mind is easy to find.  

3. Control allergies 

Are you someone who has a lot of allergies? Allergens are easily reduced through making sure your home is clean, sanitized and disinfected. The bacteria found in an unclean home can trigger irritation and other type of allergies.  

4. Concentration 

Are you working at home? Perhaps your kids are studying every night due to school works and of course growth in learning. Through cleaning and ensuring your home is disinfected, science researchers actually attest to a higher level of concentration associated to a clean environment.  

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